Creating a sustainable future for personal care products

This year the CIEX conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 5 & 6 October. Leading up to the event, we speak to Coralie Alonso, Ashland R&D Leader for Hair Care and Home Care to give you a glimpse of what to expect from her session: The challenge of balancing performance and sustainability […]

Partnership and collaboration through Open Innovation with Croda

At CIEX 2021 Nick Challoner, President Life Science at Croda talked about the company’s strategy to unlock innovation through partnerships and collaboration. The below is a summary of Nick’s presentation. Introduction Everyone would agree that there have been long-term alterations to the pattern of the weather and temperature. These alterations can be natural, like the […]

Developing new business models and eco-design actions at Elkem

The annual CIEX conference is taking place again on October 5&6 in Frankfurt, Germany. In the run-up to the event, we are talking to some of our key speakers. In our latest blog, Louis Vovelle, at Elkem speaks about his company’s climate roadmap, circular economy, the importance of open innovation and the need for increased […]

Making sustainability a reality in the chemical industry | Clariant

Sustainability is the ultimate driver for innovation in the chemical industry. As the earth continues to experience an environmental crisis whose deadline for solutions was yesterday, the industry must make sustainability happen today through circularity, innovation and collaboration. Consequently, one of the leading chemical players, Clariant, is making decisive moves to push the sustainable development […]

Game-changing collaboration at CIEX 2021

Game-changing collaboration at CIEX 2021 Innovation and close collaboration provided the platform for discussions at CIEX 2021. SCI CEO Sharon Todd gives her perspective on the two-day event.     It’s always great to meet new – and old – contacts at events. For so many months, crossing borders wasn’t possible, physically at least, due to the […]

The road towards circularity and carbon neutrality at Braskem

We are less than two weeks away from kicking-off the Chemical Innovation Exchange – CIEX Europe 2021 conference. CXOs from the largest chemical corporations are meeting face-to-face on 6-7 October in Frankfurt. So, join them to discuss the latest chemical innovation and upcoming trends in the industry. As all our speakers are finalizing their upcoming […]

Gaining competitive advantage with the circular economy

Sustainability is the language of the future Sustainability is the language of the future. So, if your business wants to gain a competitive advantage, it must enrol in the school of the circular economy. This was the key message of Richard Haldaimann’s presentation at CIEX 2020. The circular economy stands on three principles: reduce, reuse, […]

Bridging the gap between idea and industry – BASF Venture Capital

How does BASF invest in global start-ups? Here is our summary of the presentation about BASF Venture Capital given by Markus Solibieda (Managing Director) during CIEX 2020 About BASF Venture Capital The vision at BASF venture capital is to catalyze changes for BASF and the whole chemical industry. The organisation is following a global capital […]