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Creating a sustainable future for personal care products

This year the CIEX conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 5 & 6 October. Leading up to the event, we speak to Coralie Alonso, Ashland R&D Leader for Hair Care and Home Care to give you a glimpse of what to expect from her session: The challenge of balancing performance and sustainability […]

Embrace technology for radically improved innovation

Digital innovation is a core topic of CIEX 2021. Having impressed us and the audience during our start-up panel at CIE X2019, we asked Anita Schjøll Brede CEO & Co-Founder of IRIS.AI back to talk about digital innovation and machine learning at CIEX 2021. While preparing for the conference, we sat down with Anita to […]

CIEX 2020: Pre-Conference Interview with Richard Haldimann, Head of Sustainability for Clariant

At the upcoming CIEX 2020 Virtual conference on 7th – 8th October, Richard Haldimann Head of Sustainability Transformation at CLARIANT will discuss innovation driven by circular economy in his presentation “Gaining competitive advantage with the circular economy – Sustainability transformation at Clariant’’ We have spoken to Richard about his topic of choice and his motivation for joining CIEX […]

Embedding Sustainability into Daily Business

CIEX 2020 VIRTUAL conference is just around the corner and as part of our pre-conference interviews we recently spoke with Pascal Chalvon, Chief Sustainability & Energy Officer at SOLVAY about the highlights of his session on translating sustainability into daily business and the main challenges. Question #1: Without giving too much away – what is […]

Enabling the circular economy through collaborative partnerships

CIEX 2020 Pre-Conference Interview with Hanno Bruemmer, SVP Polyurethane Global Production & Technology at Covestro In the run-up to the CIEX 2020 conference, we caught up with Hanno Bruemmer, Senior Vice President Polyurethane Global Production & Technology at COVESTRO who will reveal his secrets of driving efficiency and innovation in the chemical industry on October […]

VP Technology Strategy & Deployment

In the run of our pre-conference interviews, we recently spoke to Dr. Peter Nieuwenhuizen from ENERKEM who will be participating at our upcoming CIEX Europe 2019 conference will go LIVE on Oct 09-10 in Frankfurt. Question #1: Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your two contributions and what would you like delegates to remember? […]