Using Chemical Management Software to Prepare for REACH 2018

Looking ahead to the future of science- and process-driven industries in the EU, one event is at the top of many lab managers’ minds — the coming REACH deadline in 2018. After the deadline, all chemical substances and products manufactured and imported into the EU must be demonstrated to be safe or, if the material is hazardous, that the risks surrounding its use can be properly managed. Adopted to help protect the environment and promote human health in the EU with more responsible business practices, it places the burden of compliance completely on companies and importers based in the EU. As companies prepare their R&D teams for the deadline, chemical management software can help labs ensure that lab processes continue to run smoothly.

Overcoming Challenges in Preparing for REACH 2018

As organizations develop and manufacture new products after the deadline, scientists will require more transparency into what their ingredients actually contain (i.e. trace impurities, solvents, etc.). Chemical management software can be helpful as companies deal with shifts in their supply chain.

Reformulating Products

A key challenge in the REACH regulation is that while companies based outside the EU are not responsible to comply with REACH, European organizations working with non-EU firms are. This may drive some European R&D teams to reevaluate and reformulate some of their products and processes to ensure compliance. As a result, chemical management software can be an invaluable recipe development tool for multinational companies. Company leaders can easily access chemical information regardless of the lab’s location and quickly determine if any materials are considered hazardous. In addition, regulatory information can be configured by country in order to ensure compliance with regional standards, and safety information can be stored in multiple languages, depending of the needs of lab personnel. These benefits can smooth the transition to manufacturing, reducing the logistical concerns that go along with global expansion.

Monitoring Shifting Regulations

In order to ensure there are no regulatory issues moving forward, companies will also need to focus on monitoring other regulations beyond REACH. Initial discovery can be a major challenge, especially as global regulations surrounding hazardous materials definitions and use continues to shift. As a result, it is important for researchers to actively track the regulations applicable to their supply chain. Adopting software that automates these processes, such as managing safety data sheets electronically, can help researchers make the most of their time.

By ensuring that researchers always have the reagents they need and supporting improved understanding of their product make-ups, chemical management software reduces waste and ensures teams develop products more responsibly. Since one of the major challenges in preparing for REACH has been to gain greater transparency in their supply chain, organizations need a solution which helps manage their raw materials data.

Overall, whether preparing a lab for new operating practices under REACH or establishing manufacturing facilities abroad, modern software can help chemicals companies improve operational efficiency. BIOVIA CISPro is an advanced software solution that supports effective chemical management.

On May 10th, 2017, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA will present a Webinar covering how to prepare for the upcoming 2018 deadlines for the European Chemical Agency’s REACH regulations:

REACH 2018 and the Drive Toward Agile Data Management will explore how improving data continuity can not only help organizations remain compliant with REACH 2018 but also gain greater transparency into their products and supply chains. As many companies adapt their IT infrastructure (e.g. Cloud deployments) and explore global partner networks, a unified data management solution can help drive the adoption of more agile workflows and streamline data access on an enterprise level. While challenging, the REACH deadline provides a unique opportunity for organizations to gain deeper understanding of their supply chain, transforming a former burden into a competitive advantage.

Click here to register for the free webinar or contact Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA to learn more about how they can assist you in your efforts to prepare for REACH 2018.


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