CIEX 2018 – Chemistry is not the problem but the solution!

Innovation plays a central role in the chemical industry and innovation is about much more than new molecules. Innovation in the chemical industry is about finding solutions together with other partners across value chains to solve some of the most pressing challenges in society and environment. Our environment is challenged by climate change and pollution and we have to do everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint and pollutant emissions.

The chemical industry in Europe has reduced CO2 emission by over 40% in the past 10 years and is strongly committed towards further substantial reduction by another 40% by 2030.  New technologies play an important role here: it is about renewable feedstocks such as biomass, electrification of processes and about continuous improvement of efficiencies.

Innovation in the chemical industry is also about embracing new economical concepts such as circularity. Recirculating molecules and materials is expected to be an integral part of the circular economy of tomorrow. The chemical industry has a unique opportunity to contribute to new processes, molecules, and know-how to make this happening. Recyclability, durability, long-lasting performance are going to be success criteria for chemical products of the future to a much higher degree than today. We can also expect that digital technologies such as blockchain are going to be important enablers of circular business models involving chemical products. Chemical leasing and service offerings are already implemented today but we can expect blockchain to play a role in accelerating these models to spread much further in the future.

Finally, innovation in chemistry is about creating new materials and products for sustainable consumption as part of modern lifestyles. Future consumers in advanced economies are expecting sustainability and performance as integral parts of the value proposition. In developing economies, on the other hand, chemistry will be a key technology in the production of materials for housing, construction, infrastructure and basic consumer goods. Without chemistry, the pressing challenges in agricultural production, food preservation, sanitation & hygiene as well as health & nutrition cannot be solved.

CIEX 2018Chemistry is not the problem but the solution! At the 2018 CIEX conference, industry leaders will discuss many of the above challenges and opportunities, including new models of collaboration, innovation strategies, and new technologies. Dr. Marcus Remmers of DSM will be sharing how to align purpose and sustainability with innovation strategy to find science-based, innovative solutions that tackle societal challenges and Michael Gamber of Merck Group will be revealing how to strategically drive fast innovation across corporate culture. View complete conference agenda!

CIEX 2018 brings together the most creative minds in the chemical industry on 19-20 September 2018 in Frankfurt. Connect, discuss and discover the most compelling ideas emerging globally with an unmatched group of CXOs, senior leaders, investors, and innovators from across the chemical value chain. Reserve your seat today!

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