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By saud / 14th April 2017

Using Chemical Management Software to Prepare for REACH 2018

Looking ahead to the future of science- and process-driven industries in the EU, one event is at the top of...

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By Jasper Lim / 14th April 2017

Innovation: Raison d’être of chemical industry or old wine in new bottles?

Innovation has become a long-term driver of financial performance and value creation in the chemical industry, and it can provide...

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By Jasper Lim / 16th February 2017

BASF Aims To Contribute To The Circular Economy Through Efficiency, Smart Waste Management

The director of the Applied Sustainability group of chemical manufacturer BASF, Talke Schaffrannek, recently presented the corporation’s plan, policies and...

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By Jasper Lim / 18th November 2016

Expert Advice on the Sourcing of Sustainable Chemical Feedstock

Each decade has its own set of well-loved, overused, business buzzwords. The 80’s gave us ‘low-hanging fruit’ and ‘bottom-line’, the...

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Innovation, sustainability
By Jasper Lim / 11th November 2016

Creating Opportunities from Raw Material Price Volatility

Volatile commodity and raw material prices are affecting every industry from chemicals, supermarkets to white goods, electronics and automotive. Volatile...

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By Jasper Lim / 21st October 2016

CIEX Europe 2016 – Video Highlights

We would like to thank all delegates who have attended CIEX Europe 2016 in Frankfurt. We hope you had a...

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By Jasper Lim / 12th September 2016

After oil – where can chemicals come from?

For more than a century, petrochemicals have been the mainstay of the chemicals industry.  However, the great possibility that the...

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By Jasper Lim / 8th September 2016

Towards a Low Carbon Economy – An Interview with Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi of DOW

CIEX Europe is coming to Frankfurt on September 28-29. We are incredibly excited about the great cast of speakers sharing...

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By Jasper Lim / 26th August 2016

Can a new leadership culture drive innovation?

In an era of intense globalisation and accelerating technological progress, companies are recognising the value of innovation, putting it at...

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By Jasper Lim / 11th August 2016

Chemical Innovation: Lessons & Paths to Success at CIEX 2016

The chemicals industry is experiencing a shifting landscape and to succeed, they need to focus on innovating in these key...

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