Innovation Ecosystems for the Circular Economy

Because of its nodal position in many value chains, the chemical industry plays a critical role in the evolving circular economy: Without the chemical industry there will be no comprehensive recycling and reuse of molecules and materials – and the potential of full circularity will not be realized. On the other hand, the chemical industry […]

How Sharing is Innovating the Chemical Industry

When it comes to improving company performance, there are few better methods than the sharing of ideas. While business meetings, both formal and informal, are the mainstay for exchanging information, this approach is often between only two organizations or just a handful of individuals. But in today’s larger, more global business world, conferences are increasingly […]

CIEX 2018 – Chemistry is not the problem but the solution!

Innovation plays a central role in the chemical industry and innovation is about much more than new molecules. Innovation in the chemical industry is about finding solutions together with other partners across value chains to solve some of the most pressing challenges in society and environment. Our environment is challenged by climate change and pollution […]

How Digitization is Transforming the Chemical Industry

Digital and technology transformation are two of the most popular buzzwords around today. However, beyond the industry jargon, there is a real need for next-gen technology that pushes businesses, industries, and boundaries. Known to be one of the most conservative and slow industries, there is a real need to innovate and produce outcomes faster than […]

Innovation: Raison d’être of chemical industry or old wine in new bottles?

Innovation has become a long-term driver of financial performance and value creation in the chemical industry, and it can provide enormous competitive advantage for companies. However, in a challenging business environment it is always difficult to find the resources and commitment for long-term and transformational innovation – especially for projects that pay off only after […]