William Garcia, CEFIC

Executive Director

With more than 25 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, William Garcia is a seasoned corporate leader. In his career for LyondellBasell (LBI), Mr Garcia has managed world-scale manufacturing sites and global corporate teams.

Before joining Cefic, he was Global Director in charge of operational excellence at LyondellBasell (LBI), leading the manufacturing management processes integration and auditing initiative. He has a strong experience in general manufacturing management and leading large organisations through re-engineering.

As part of his role for Cefic, Mr. Garcia leads the industry federation’s safety, health, environment, Responsible Care and logistics strategies and shapes its political agenda.

Mr. Garcia was recently appointed Vice-Chairman of the Industry@OECD (BIAC) Energy and Environment Policy Committee representing the industry interests toward the OECD organisation. He is leading the European Chemical Industry Mid-Century Strategy development project.

William Garcia holds a Master of Science Degree in mechanical and civil engineering from the School of Mines in Ales, France. Born in 1961, Mr Garcia is married and has two children.

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