Torben Damgaard Nielsen, MaterialsZone

Sales Director EMEA

Torben Damgaard Nielsen has been active in research and business development for 15 years working with innovation and business development at National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy and Denmarks Technical University as well as starting and for 5 years running a company providing equipment and software to materials research. From working in the materials R&D community his primary focus developed into how to optimize the materials innovation process as well as accelerate the materials development cycle. The ambition was to use digital tools to solve the demand for novel materials in a sustainable manner and at the same time reduce costs and build trust between collaborators, while securing their IP rights – MaterialsZone in Israel was working on exactly that and we joined forces. One of the keys being how to mobilize the unpublished research data spread out in research laboratories across the world. As Sales Director at MaterialsZone Torben promotes the novel digital tools to reduce bottlenecks in laboratory work, data management, data sharing and dissemination by trading data and getting more research for the money. www.Materials.Zone promotes sustainable materials development where possible to meet SDG. Torben can be reached at

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