Dr. Ali Hussein, PatSnap

Product Director

Dr. Ali Hussein has a deep focus on unlocking the insights that big data and empowering decision-making workflows for the “citizen innovator” by simplifying the analysis of big data.

At PatSnap, he is passionate about upgrading innovation workflows, and the application of disruption innovation that software can empower across technology areas. After starting his career in biopharmaceutical research, he conducted his PhD at Imperial College London and the University of Bath in the conversion of waste plant biomass to commercially valuable organic compounds. For this research, he was honoured with the Annual Society for General Microbiology prize.
He joined PatSnap in 2015 to map out bottlenecks in R&D cadences and competitive landscaping. In doing so, he is working with global innovation companies across the pharmaceutical, tyre, cosmetics, semiconductor and material sciences, and continues to focus his efforts on integrating these insights into software to empower innovators globally.

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