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Embrace technology for radically improved innovation

Digital innovation is a core topic of CIEX 2021. Having impressed us and the audience during our start-up panel at CIE X2019, we asked Anita Schjøll Brede CEO & Co-Founder of IRIS.AI back to talk about digital innovation and machine learning at CIEX 2021. While preparing for the conference, we sat down with Anita to […]

State of the Industry: Reinvent your innovation processes!

Innovation will be a key driver for success in the chemical industry, but only if the concept of innovation itself is reinvented. In the run-up to CIEX 2019 we asked our speakers to share their thoughts on the industry’s innovation efforts and what must be done to successfully prepare for the future. Braskem’s European CEO, […]

Using Chemical Management Software to Prepare for REACH 2018

Looking ahead to the future of science- and process-driven industries in the EU, one event is at the top of many lab managers’ minds — the coming REACH deadline in 2018. After the deadline, all chemical substances and products manufactured and imported into the EU must be demonstrated to be safe or, if the material […]

Can a new leadership culture drive innovation?

In an era of intense globalisation and accelerating technological progress, companies are recognising the value of innovation, putting it at the heart of their corporate culture. With this in mind, organisational goals are shifting and leadership requirements change. A modern leadership culture drives innovation from within. By fostering innovation through leadership, the chemicals industry can […]