Digitalisation – The gamechanger in the transformation of the chemical industry

  • Reviewing the disruptive changes in Biotechnology (CRISPR, DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, robotics), Nutrition (gut health, personalized nutrition, genomics, wearables and sensors), and Materials (computational modeling, lab automation, 3D printing) urging companies to develop a digital roadmap
  • Evaluating the effect of data science and knowledge-based systems on R&D and operations in the middle to long term
  • Fostering new collaborations within companies and between companies and external partners, like universities and commercial service providers, to drive digitalisation
  • Achieving digital transformation with new organisational structures, fast learning, and new mind-sets and culture

Location: Main Room Date: 10th October 2019 Time: 10:40 am - 11:10 am Dr. Marcus Remmers, DSM