TABLE 1: Carbon Neutral by 2050 – Discussing opportunities and challenges for the industry Diogo Mendes, Technical Deputy Director, BONDALTI TABLE 2: Looking into future of chemical innovation: Digitalisation in R&I Dr. Pierre-Alain Weiss, VP Research & Innovation, BUDENHEIM TABLE 3: Improving time to market with modularization Dr. Wilhelm Otten, Head of Process Technology & […]

Translating sustainability into daily business – Solvay One Planet

Linking sustainability into company purpose and business: Developing a holistic approach Setting meaningful sustainability goals and creating a roadmap: Embedding sustainability into decision making Creating measurement tools to track the progress Creating capacity of influence at each level of the company Analysing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the sustainability agenda: Implementing necessary adjustments

The future of plastics: Moving toward sustainable innovation

Analysing the impact of “bad press” on the plastics industry: Raising public concern followed by regulations to combat plastic pollution Meeting the demands of new regulations: Looking for solutions to make the plastic industry more environmental friendly Plastic recycling as challenge and opportunity: Progressing to recycling based circular economy by Increasing recycle rate and extended […]

Green Deal dilemmas: Discussing main challenges

Looking into impact of COVID on sustainability goals: Is it still priority Green Deal impact on economic viability: Is it a question of being profitable or being green? Mindset shift: Focusing on environmental impact and social value Green deal as an exit plan to crisis: Incentives and strong investment